Food Systems

Sampling cropsIn the food systems work stream we examine the challenge of food production within the wider context of food security. Multidisciplinary approaches are needed to tackle the complex web of interactions and dependencies that impact upon food security.

A number of teams within the Alliance are working on aspects of food security, but we will seize the many academic, administrative and institutional benefits of the Alliance to pool our skills, knowledge and facilities, to address the most pressing global questions surrounding food security in the 21st Century, to enhance our collective impact.

Our main strengths lie in the complementary skills available at each institution, and collaboration will present us with new science opportunities, provide an opportunity to move beyond linear impacts modelling, to incorporate adaptations and feedbacks. Merging of our existing networks has provided us with a very large and effective network, locally, in Scotland, the UK, EU and globally.

First and foremost, our aim in coming together within the food systems work stream is to do better, higher-impact science with a broader perspective, which will involve more demonstrable, evidence-based, systems level work. We will target high impact publications in this area and will aim to drive food systems science in Scotland and beyond.